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Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing is a complex process in which a certain shape is given to the workpiece, which is then ground and polished.

AL5 HOLDING takes orders for machining of various parts

For machining using high-precision equipment, allowing you to select cutting modes and bending of metal, select the necessary tools for turning and milling work. Our equipment operates according to predetermined programs, which completely eliminates inaccuracies in the work.

Using the latest technology allows us to process products with complex geometry. The production capacity of our site allows us to carry out serial and small-scale orders in the shortest possible time. We also accept individual orders for work in the case of complex product geometry.

Our advantages:

  • Emmegi and Elumatec CNC processing and sawing centers

  • Wide range of sawing, milling, drilling, and perforating equipment

  • Architectural structures assembly shop

  • Assembly and completion of architectural systems

  • Manufacturing aluminum greenhouse parts assembly sets

  • Manufacturing frame sets and setup tables for solar panels and a lot more