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About us

company history

Since 2002, the industrial group held an stable market position and manufactures profiles using the method of extrusion of aluminum ingots of Al-Mg-Si system.

Our approach

  • Professional team
  • Modern equipment
  • Effective ogranization of work
  • Individual approach
  • Introduction of new tecnologies
  • Attention to quality
  • Clear implementation of commitments
  • Flexible price policy

Trust and cooperation with the customers have become a distinguishing feature and a key to the excellent results, which determines a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.



Areas of use:

For facade systems, translucent structures, for light-weight structures such as outdoor tents, sun blinds, pavilions for swimming pools, stairs and enclosing structures, profiles for greenhouses and mushroom farm.


60 000

tons of profiles per year

For engineering tools, mechanical engineering, instrument manufacture, shipbuilding industry, civil aviation and industrial military complex, for commercial and passenger transport at automotive industry, electromechanical equipment, oil and gas industry, food industry, medicine, production of ventilation systems.

mechanical processing is

12 000

tons of profiles per year

Allows to create numerous variations of sliding-door wardrobes, office partitions and wardrobe systems; for production of kitchen sets, tables, chairs, interior doors, fittings, suspended ceilings, cornice systems, including roll constructions.

powder coating

15 000

tons of profiles per year

For the production of LED lighting, interior lighting, lamps for public and architectural lighting, engineering networks, solar panels.


6 000

tons of profiles per year

goods for sports and leisure, promotional products and other goods.

more than

15 000

types of profiles