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The aluminum roof


The aluminum roof stands apart from all other roofs. There are many reasons for this, which it is impossible to pass by

The market of roofing materials has become very oversaturated in recent years. Now it is possible to buy modern metal and ceramic tiles, bitumen tiles, etc. without interference and special problems. But it is the aluminum roof that stands apart from all other roofs. There are many reasons for this, which it is impossible to pass by.

Due to its material - aluminum, such a roof is already distinguished by the fact that it does not corrode over time. Aluminum has a useful property - a strong oxide film, which is extremely durable both to mechanical influences and to sudden temperature changes. Regarding the latter, it should be clarified that aluminum roofing can withstand both frost (-30 ° C) and heat (+45 °C) equally easily, which makes it truly unique among all other roofing materials.

What does this mean in practice?

It will not have to be repainted or repaired every year, as it often needs to be done with metal or ceramic tiles. Aluminum roofing is successfully used in most chalets, hotels or hotels located in the mountains, where, as is well known, sharp temperature changes are constantly observed.

Aluminum is a light metal, which also had a positive effect on the weight of the aluminum roof. The standard weight values here are: 2.4 - 2.6 kg/m2, which is significantly less than the weight of ceramic or bitumen tiles. And the reduced weight of the material means that you will have to spend less building material on supporting wooden beams. As a result, despite the obvious high cost of this material, the total costs for the construction and subsequent maintenance of this kind of roof will be an order of magnitude less than in traditional types of roofs.

Not the last value in favor of choosing such a roof and its exceptional durability will play a role. No wonder the manufacturers of aluminum roofing give a guarantee for forty years. It is difficult to find in the world such a type of roof on which manufacturers would extend such a guarantee.
Aluminum roofing, in recent years, has become a fashionable, beautiful, but no less reliable material.