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Suspended ceilings


Aluminum suspended ceilings are an excellent solution for residential premises, as they withstand temperature changes, are made of a special aluminum alloy and are coated with food varnish

In our age of progress and technology, there are many types of suspended ceilings. The most common ceilings are made of aluminum. They are very light, serve for many years, moisture-, fire- and heat-resistant. Great design.

The elements of the product that are responsible for the appearance of the ceiling are aluminum slats. They come in white, gold or metallic. If the room has low ceilings, it is better to paint them in white light. If the room is poorly lit, then cold tones are preferred. Golden decoration is suitable for classic style.

There are two types of aluminum ceilings in stores: slats and sheets. Slats are used in most cases in residential areas. Sheet ceilings are suitable for offices and production workshops.

Aluminum itself insulates very poorly from noise. Therefore, when installing a ceiling between two layers of material, a layer of sound insulation should be placed.
To install a suspended ceiling does not require much effort. The first stage is the attachment of load-bearing components to the draft ceiling. The ceiling is hung from them at a distance of one and a half meters with the help of suspensions. Next, aluminum slats are attached to the supporting structures. The slats should not fit tightly to the walls, the space is sealed with decor.

Aluminum material allows you to combine ceilings of several levels and in unusual shapes. To hang the desired chandeliers or lamps, you only need a cable. You choose the place yourself.