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Russian aluminum alloy Al-Mg-Sc is included in the international catalog of wrought alloys


The Al-Mg-Sc system alloy, developed by the Institute of Light Materials and Technologies, has successfully passed the international registration and is included in the international catalog of wrought alloys under the brand 5081.

We congratulate our partners with the successful registration!

Due to the unique combination of mechanical and corrosion characteristics, the new alloy can be used in various fields, including shipbuilding and aerospace engineering.

Registration was carried out in accordance with the terms of the Declaration of Accession to the international alloy designation system, signed by our partners, the Aluminum Association, earlier this year. According to the document, the Aluminum Association has the right to apply for the international registration of alloys, which are being developed in Russia. International registration simplifies the negotiation and conclusion of export trade contracts, allowing them to indicate the registered identification number of the aluminum alloy, which corresponds to the unique chemical composition of the international catalog.

The development of standards and the administration of an international catalog of aluminum alloys is carried out by the American Aluminum Association.