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Production of a profile for the sides of trucks.


One of the directions of production of our plant is the production of aluminum profile, which is used in the production of truck sides.

For the manufacture of profiles, the company uses primary aluminum with a low iron content. This ensures the reliability and durability of the products.

Aluminum sides are very appreciated due to a number of their advantages:

  • light weight;
  • durability;
  • no corrosion;
  • they have easy installation and disassembly;
  • convenience during loading and unloading;
  • the products meet modern norms, standards and requirements.

Composite aluminum sides are an opportunity to adjust the height of the side depending on the cargo placed on the platform. The design can be designed for mounting the frame of the awning and the rear swing gate

All profile systems that are used in the manufacture of truck sides are unique and developed by experienced engineers using software systems in strength calculation.

In order to exclude the possibility of defects, products are tested at all stages of the production process — from the input quality control of purchased raw materials in our own laboratories to the inspection of finished products in operation.

The most modern technologies and high–tech equipment are used in our production - all this guarantees high quality of production.