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Aluminum entrance panels


Visitors form their first impression of the company right from the doorstep. Aluminum entrance panels are a modern, stylish and durable solution.


Aluminum has long been successfully used in construction and finishing works for a number of positive qualities. The same qualities are possessed by the entrance groups with the use of aluminum:

  • ease;
  • strength;
  • high wear resistance;
  • aesthetic appearance.

In addition, the entrance groups of this type meet all environmental requirements, they are fireproof and not subject to corrosion.

Such structures are subjected to constant heavy operation all year round, the number of people entering and leaving an office building or a bank branch can exceed several thousand per day. In such conditions, the most reliable, durable and technological solution for the entrance group is necessary. Aluminum profile doors successfully cope with this task.


Usually the entrance groups are designed according to the individual requirements of the customer. At the same time, standard components are used — double and triple double-glazed windows, ready-made entrance doors, thresholds, thermal curtains, etc. This approach allows you to make an input group that meets the client's needs as much as possible, however, without greatly increasing the cost of the entire project.

The doors of the entrance groups are:

  • manual opening (carousel, swing);
  • automatic (sliding).

The first option is cheaper, but the demand for automatic doors is also quite high, especially in the field of trade and catering.

A characteristic feature of modern supermarkets are, just, double automatic doors with a thermal curtain between them, triggered when approaching them.


After the manufacturer manufactures the elements of the input group, they are delivered to the installation site and the assembly of the entire structure begins. Initially, the frame is assembled, also made of aluminum profile, starting with the installation of door frames, power elements, shutters. Next, double-glazed windows, the upper part of the entrance group, additional elements, for example, a plexiglass roof in front of the entrance, protecting from rain and snow, are installed.

Aluminum Profile

There are two types of entrance groups according to the degree of thermal insulation — from the "cold" and "warm" profile. The difference between them is that the "cold" profile is cheaper, but its thermal insulation properties are such that they do not allow the construction of heated rooms, for example, a warm vestibule in front of the entrance to the building.

The profile of the "warm" direction is characterized by a higher price, an increase in the number of sections of double-glazed windows, the presence of special rubber seals. Another distinctive feature of the profile, which can be used for warm entrance groups, are thermal inserts, usually made of polyamide.

The point of using another material with low thermal conductivity is that aluminum is an excellent conductor of temperature. And if the design does not provide for a "thermal break", then such an input group will strongly depend on the ambient temperature, which will result in additional costs for the client for heating in winter or cooling the room in the warm season.